Progress Report

Here we are happy to share with you all our progress and planning data that we store on Google Sites, with space graciously provided to us by Google, a supporter of non-profits. We have myriad spreadsheets that we use to note our ideas, keep track of our garden planting programs,* set our long-term and annual goals, and much more. It is always a work in progress and not always so neat, organized or understandable. But, we share it here so you know we are serious about being a botanic garden.

[* for our plant records, we use BG-Base, a very popular database in use by botanic gardens worldwide. At this time those records are not available on-line, but should you visit the Gardens, we would be happy to share them with you. We do share them annually with BGCI - a worldwide plant conservation network.]
KKBG 5 Year Plan