Bizarre Botany

Plant drawings might not sound exciting, but when combined with captivating stories about those plants, the combination fascinates. That is what a past exhibit, "Botanic Wonders" at The Botanic Gardens at Kona Kai Resort was all about - fascination.

When Miami author Michael Largo decided to write a book about the amazing properties of plants, he called upon the Tropical Botanic Artists collective of Miami to do botanical illustrations of each plant in the book. Those illustrations, along with Mr. Largo's captivating stories were on exhibit, through January 10th, 2015, at The Gallery at The Botanic Gardens at Kona Kai Resort, mm 97.8 in Key Largo.

"We look at a plant and think 'It's pretty,' but we forget the amazing biochemistry that allowed the plant to survive," says Largo, who approached plant biology from a layman's perspective. "People love stories, so I told stories."

Tropical Botanic Artists co-director Beverly Borland points out that: "most people, when you say 'botany,' look in the other direction. Something whimsical like this, it's more interesting." All 19 members of the Miami-based artist's collective contributed drawings to the book and exhibit.

"The book and the drawings are an excellent addition and starting point for our unique ethnobotanic tour, all of which are aimed at transforming your understanding of plants," says Garden Executive Director Joe Harris. "We are thrilled to be able to make this available to Florida Keys residents and visitors."

Michael Largo's book, "The Big, Bad Book of Botany," is also available for sale at The Garden's gallery. In addition, a 90-minute guided TYUP™ tour about amazing plants is conducted Tuesday through Saturday at 10am. The tour is limited to 6 persons; a $25 donation and advance reservation is required. For reservations call 305-852-9766.

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